​Our community goes beyond our doors.

Be a part of something bigger than yourself!

​Just some of the events we run and participate in.  

FREE Cardboard Boat Race

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Cherry Bomb Garage Gym's  goal is that eventually you will understand the workouts, nutrition and lifestyle…and at that point you won’t need us anymore, unless you want to keep getting the best workouts with the best group around!

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Here at Cherry Bomb we believe that:

Sexy is not a size.
Every calorie is not a war.
Your body is not a battle ground.
Your value is not measured in pounds.
Your are just as Effn' beautiful/sexy/hot/handsome as any other woman/man.

Our goal at Cherry Bomb Garage Gym is focused on helping you become the best version of you.  We offer what most big box gyms and many personal training facilities overlook;  a reason to keep showing up!  Having fun!


Fitness is a personal journey and it needs to be enjoyable.

At least a little.

We work hard, but we also keep in mind that we are all human and have lives to lead outside the gym.  So why not enjoy it and live your life to the the fullest.

Train hard. Play Hard.

We are the world's OKAY-EST CrossFitters and loving every minute of it!

We don't do this to be the best at fitness. We do this to be awesome!

WHy cherry bomb garage gym?