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We take the "WORK" OUT OF WORKOUT.

We Program. we Coach. You DO YOU!

We're not just "another" gym trying to sell you a membership you won't use. 

We promise to help you from day 1 to day 1001.   

Don't believe us?  Then check out what these folks have to say about us.

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​​​​​This is where your awesome begins!

We are more than just a GYM.

Cherry Bomb is a group based personal training workout designed to build real world strength and conditioning in a dynamic atmosphere. We program.  We coach. You do you!

You'll get the energy from a group workout and the attention and motivation of an experienced coach.  The most difficult part of our training program is showing up - our program makes it simple for you to push yourself, be your personal best and "actually" enjoy exercise.

Be you.  Be unappolagetically who you are.  Get strong.  Have fun!

Be strong.Both Inside & Out. 

Be Awesome!At Cherry Bomb, You're Da'Bomb!  You'll build relationships, grit, try new things, get uncomfortable and have one heck of a time doing it!!!


A coach is your accountability partner, your motivator, your guide, your friend.