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29 Railside Rd. Lancaster ON

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" I was told by a friend who joined before me that I would like it. She was wrong, I LOVE it!
From the shared rides to the gym, to the comradery with the others, the tough but fun workouts and last but not least, the great fitness coaches that do exactly what I and motivate; I cannot believe how these functional exercises have changed my body and given me so much strength. It's changed me and I love it."  - Lauri

"A very big THANK YOU.  My last check up was great . My Dr noticed my weight loss , body tone and overall health has "greatly improved" ... She was impressed enough she is planning on looking into it.  I feel STRONG!" - Kim

"​She has taught us that we can accomplish anything! Not only does she train us, motivate us, she teaches us how to move (flexibility) and how to do it safely, she helps us with our aches and pains and her knowledge of the human body is incredible.
Today, as always, she is awesome!" - Lauri 

"It's hard to even call Cherry Bomb a gym because it feels like a community ... Sara is an outstanding coach because she couples her love for fitness with the reality that we are all people and should enjoy the little things in life, like double fried wings! If you are a person looking for a place where you can honestly just be yourself, have some good laughs while doing a great workout, and meet some awesome new people I think this is the place for you... this gym is simply THE BOMB (pun intended)!" -  Mel ​​​​​​

"One of the best decisions I ever made! Terrified at first but Sara has made me feel at home and part of something more than just a gym. This is a community where I am learning to embrace a healthy lifestyle and get strong at the same time!" - Karen​​